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J. Korean Soc. Saf.

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Vol. 33, No. 5

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The purpose of the society is to contribute to development, distribution, and application of safety technology for overall human and social well-being. The society focuses on the role of safety in complex system, the design of process, procedures, products, equipment and facilities, and development of new technology in the industrial and social safety, such as mechanical safety, chemical safety, electrical safety, construction safety, ergonomics and system safety, transportation safety, disaster safety, nuclear safety, risk management, and safety policy

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The Korean Society of Safety

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Seong Rok Chang: Pukyong Nayional University,

Director for Editing

Kwang Won Rhie: Hoseo University,

Editorial board

Mechanical Safety

Ji Woong Kang : Daegu Haany University,
Jae-Suk Park : Occupational Safety & Health Research Institute,
Chang Bo Oh: Pukyong Nayional University,

Electrical Safety

Hyoung Jun Gil: Electrical Safety Research Institute,
Jae-Ho Kim : Daejeon University,
Sung Ho Hong : Fire Insurers Laboratories of Korea,

Chemical Safety

Chang Jun Lee : Pukyong National University,
Woo Sub Lim: Korea Institute of Fire Industry & Technology,
Youngbo Choi : Chungbuk National University,

Construction Safety

Tae Keun Oh : Incheon National University,
Jeong-Hun Won : Chungbuk National University,
Myoung Sung Choi : Dongguk University,

Ergonomics/System Safety

Dong Chul Bae: Hoseo University,
Ik Keun Yoon: Korea Gas Corporation,
Myung-Chul Jung : Ajou University,

Safety Policy

Young Sun Kim : Occupational Safety & Health Research Institute,
Seungkook Park : Korea Research Institute for Construction Policy,
Jinwoo Jung : Seoul National University of Science and Technology,

Disaster Safety

Chang Geun Song : Incheon National University,
Jong Yil Park : Seoul National University of Science and Technology,
Sosoon Park : National Disaster Management Institute,

Traffic Safety

Sanglog Kwak : Korea Railroad Research Institute,
Heung Un Oh: Kyonggi University,
Hyun-Seok Lee : Korea Expressway Corporation Research Institute,

Risk Management

Dal Jae Park: Seoul National University of Science and Technology,
Jung Chul Park: Korea National University of Transportation,
Ik Keun Yoon: Korea Gas Corporation,

Nuclear Safety

Tae Soon Kim: KHNP Central Research Institute,
Taewan Kim : Incheon National University,
Tong Il Jang: Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute,

Manuscript Editor

Eun Ju Lee The Korean Society of Safety,